About prosthetic legs

Whatever your level of amputation, whatever your life encompasses, take a moment to explore some practical information about prosthetic leg systems and their components.

Below you’ll find the basics about prosthetic leg components: feet, liners, sockets, and prosthetic knee joints, including computer-controlled (microprocessor) knees.

Are you, a friend or family member facing amputation? You can learn more below about what you can expect before, during, and after.

To find information about Ottobock knees, go to the C-Leg and Genium pages to learn more about the world’s leading microprocessor prosthetic leg systems. Remember: not all microprocessor knees are the same, and here's why...

Real life stories

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Prosthetics 101

Learn more about topics that can help you make the most of your prosthesis:

Information for new amputees

Learning more about what to expect can help empower you. Although everyone’s experience is different, some basics can provide a good foundation.