1E95 Challenger foot

The Challenger: A multi purpose prosthetic fitness foot

A winning choice for a diverse range of activities

The Challenger is a multi-purpose foot developed for the varying demands from everyday walking to recreational sports.

High deflection of the curved main spring provides excellent shock absorption, which is desired for court sports like tennis or basketball, and energy return for activities such as sprinting and long distance running. The base spring and adjustable heel damping allow for stability and control during rapid movements, while walking, and while standing.

The Challenger fits with most lower profile shoes and comes with exchangeable heel wedges to support a large variety of sports and other individual needs. Excellent choice for active individuals with below or above knee fittings.

Exchangeable heel wedge

The Challenger features flexible heel wedges with varying degrees of stiffness. Depending on the sport and level of strain, you can adapt the heel and roll-over characteristics yourself to your individual requirements in just one easy step.

Base spring for more stability

With its combination of a base spring and heel wedge, the Challenger offers you better control and therefore an enhanced level of stability – not only for sudden movements, but for walking and standing as well.

Water- and corrosion-resistant components

With the Challenger, you can participate in beach sports or spend time outdoors - even in poor weather conditions.

Main carbon fiber spring

Thanks to the unique design of its main spring, the Challenger stands out with its good impact dampening characteristics and efficient energy return that will support you during field and court sports as well as during jogging.

Benefits at a glance

Ready for activity

The unique design of the Challenger makes tennis, basketball, jogging, and walking all possible with the same foot.


Carbon fiber and titanium construction leaves you worry free in and around water.

Shock absorption

Good shock absorption and high energy return offer a winning combination for staying active.


The Challenger features exchangeable heel wedges for customizable rollover characteristics depending on a person's individual needs and preferences.