Embrace the everyday

Whether you are a musician, actress, humanitarian, athlete, or in search of your path and passions—Ottobock upper-limb prosthetic solutions enable you to embrace the everyday with confidence.

Featured: Andrew

Andrew Carter, audio aficionado, embraces his everyday by weaving music into his daily life as an intellectual property and music affairs attorney. His Michaelangelo Hand enables natural movement with a flexible oval-shaped wrist, fast and reliable microprocessors, and seven individual hand positions. For Andrew, the Michelangelo Hand was a game changer, giving him unprecedented control.

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Angel Giuffria, leading lady and trailblazer, shares how she embraces her everyday. Angel’s bebionic hand features 14 available grip positions and individual finger motors that are located in the palm, giving her the best of both worlds: durability and premium function. bebionic gives Angel the freedom to live her everyday life with confidence.


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