OBSS custom contoured seating

Changing the shape of custom seating

If you need an extremely light weight, low profile custom contoured seating system that offers maximum support combined with the ability to periodically change the shape, the OBSS Ortho-Shape provides the answer. The newest member of the OBSS seating family, the vacuum-formed ABS thermoplastic shell provides a customshaped outer shell with a pre-determined seat-to-back angle. Then, multiple layers of fabric covered inserts complete the system and offer growth and adjustment options.

Also available, OBSS Tru-Shape is based on classic seating principles to offer the best in precise pressure management and contouring for people with positioning needs that require stable support at every moment, at every point. Tru-Shape features customization options like soft spots, belt cuts, or inserts that boost stability just where the patient needs it.

Advantages for you

Move freely

The slimmer design of OBSS Ortho-Shape means that arms can be free free for functional activities.

Be seen

The superior support and easy wheelchair mounting offered by OBSS keeps the user more upright, visible, and socially engaged.

Manage temperature

OBSS Tru-Shape features heat-lessening ventilation holes, while superior fabrics and fit across the OBSS line provide superior management of complex postural and skin needs.


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