Funding and Reimbursement

Funding is a challenging aspect to navigate. It can be hard to understand, get the right information or know the right kinds of questions to ask. We’ve assembled a list of key questions you can ask a provider, clinician or medical equipment dealer. Take these questions with you for your discussions, jot down notes and refer back to them throughout your journey.

Good questions to ask

  • How will the custom seating be paid for?
  • Will my insurance cover it? All or part?
  • Will my insurance cover any modifications or revisions to the system?
  • What if my loved one’s condition changes and they need a different system, who will fund this?
  • Which medical equipment companies will the insurers work with? Will the best/ more experienced staff be supported?
  • What impact does this have on the need for alternate vehicles for my family?
  • Who pays for any repairs?