Terra wheelchair cushion

Lightweight and stable

The lightweight Terra anti-decubitus cushion uses unique Rest Suspension foam developed by and only available from Ottobock.

Terra cushions feature:

  • Effective pressure redistribution for those at moderate risk of pressure ulcers
  • Excellent ride comfort due to the impact damping properties of Rest Suspension foam
  • High level of stability due to the properties of the Rest Suspension foam and anatomical form of the cushion
  • Good postural support provided by the anatomical shape of the cushion

Technical info

Weight: 3 lbs
Product height: 3 in in lateral height
Weight capacity: 330 lbs
Sizes available: (Wide x Deep)
14 in x 14 in;
16 in x 16 in;
16 in x 18 in;
17 in x 18 in;
18 in x 16 in;
18 in x 18 in;
20 in x 18 in;
15 in x 16 in;
14 in x 16 in;
16 in x 20 in;
17 in x 16 in;
17 in x 20 in;
18 in x 20 in;
20 in x 16 in;
20 in x 20 in


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