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Two sizes, three positions, four colors – and that’s just the beginning of the choices that are yours to make.

When your child is comfortably aligned and supported, standing can help deliver physical, emotional and social benefits in your child’s development.

Whether the stander is used in a prone, supine, or upright position, you select the color, and the accessories. Then, whether at school or at home, your child can add the benefit of standing to his or her therapy regimen. The accessories and adjustable built into the Leckey Mygo Stander make it ideal for children from 5 to 14 years of age.

Uniquely adjustable for contractures.

Not only does the angel of the stander change from prone to supine, the angel of the knee and foot supports relative to the hip and chest can be adjusted by up to 20 degrees to accommodate contractures.

Accessories to fit your style.

One of the many pad options, the sternum pad offers extra support (especially in a prone position) and encourages extension, helping your child increase range of motion for the arms.

All shapes and sizes.

Kids come in many shapes and sizes, and the Mygo Stander can accommodate different builds – including the changes caused by low tone and restricted mobility.

The bottom line.

The Mygo Stander is nearly endless in the choices it offers, down to the option of a sandal for additional alignment support.

What you need to know

Advantages for you

Imagine having to remain in one place all day – in a chair that tips you sideways unnaturally. Or think about the last time you were standing for a long time. Wouldn’t it have been a relief to have something to lean against for support?

Standing offers physical, emotional and social benefits, as well as providing flexibility and options for your child. The Mygo Stander design is based on the importance of pelvic stability, because the body, head, and legs have to be in alignment in order for standing to be comfortable and beneficial.

Support and Stability.

We understand that for some children, standing therapy is more difficult to achieve due to the postural challenges they face. The Mygo Stander was developed to bring standing therapy to children aged 4 to 14 years old. As a child grows out of the popular Squiggles Stander (or a similar product) their standing therapy can continue with the Mygo Stander as it encourages a natural standing posture.

The support and stability needed for standing can make it difficult to play, eat, or learn. The Mygo is designed to provide the maximum freedom of motion – especially for the arms – while keeping the torso stable.

To offer the most options, the Mygo can be adjusted from vertical to 10 degrees from horizontal, and can you be used in supine, prone and upright modes. Your therapist will help determine what settings are best and make the adjustments to the padding and supports that complement your child’s position


All the padding covers come in your choice of four colors. Plus, the covers, belts and harnesses are all machines washable at 140 degrees.


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Leckey Mygo Pediatric Stander Case Story

Leckey Mygo Pediatric Stander Case Story

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Leckey Mygo Pediatric Stander Brochure

Leckey Mygo Pediatric Stander Brochure


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