Transportation and trips

Whether by car, bus, train or on foot – on the way to school or pre-school, your child needs good support and should also be able to take in their surroundings.

Ottobock positioning strollers and transport strollers give your child the necessary stability, provide relief, and support therapy. They “grow” with your child and can be adapted should the needs of your child change. For this reason, there are many styles offering many different options. They all have the same goal- easy and safe transportation to support your lifestyle.

Lisa rehab transport chair

transport chair for children with mild postural weakness


Kimba Neo pediatric stroller

The foldable, stroller-style Kimba® Neo is the perfect solution for a busy life. It’s got lots of convenient features to make your day easier—while offering the best support possible for your child.



The Skippi power wheelchair promotes mobility and encourages participation for children who are unable to drive a wheelchair themselves. Your child can explore its surroundings and is able to move freely and play with other children.


Kimba Kruze

The Kimba Kruze is a lightweight folding transport wheelchair with a cute and comfortable feel. With lots of adjustment for growth and many positioning accessories, you can customize the Kruze to be just right for your child’s needs today and for years to come.


Eco Buggy

The Eco-Buggy is designed to make transporting children fast and easy. At the same time, the child stays well positioned. The reinforced upholstery in both the seat and back sections along with a stable, height adjustable footrest assembly and a pelvic strap make the Eco-Buggy especially safe for the child.


Kimba Cross

3-wheel foldable outdoor mobility base for seating systems


Kimba Tandem

Outdoor mobility base for twins or siblings.