Taleo Side Flex

Benefits at a glance

Peter is standing on the sailboat raising the sail.

Secure full-surface ground contact

The Terrain Adaption Unit of the foot ensures secure, full-surface ground contact – even when walking or standing on uneven surfaces and lateral slopes, allowing you to fully concentrate on your surroundings.

Peter is playing badminton in the garden with his daughters.

Reduced lateral loads

Do you find lateral loads on the knee or in the socket irritating? Thanks to its exceptional lateral adaptation to the terrain, the Taleo Side Flex carbon foot contributes to reducing tilting moments.

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More freedom of movement

You determine where you walk and how you move. Whether moving in confined spaces or on swaying ground, standing with your legs apart or relaxed while leaning against something, the Taleo Side Flex allows you to do it with fewer compensating movements.

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Comfort and enhanced feeling of safety

Compared to standard carbon feet with a split spring, the Taleo Side Flex adapts to lateral slopes and uneven ground to an exceptionally high degree right after heel strike. This has a positive impact on your comfort and safety.

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Dive in!

Taleo Side Flex is protected against fresh, salt and chlorinated water. Water runoff channels on connection adapter and drainage holes in footshell prevent water from collecting in the interior of the prosthesis.


A new standard for mediolateral flexibility

New lateral flexibility

Conventional prosthetic feet adapt to lateral slopes only to a small extent at heel strike. Only later on do these feet adapt to a greater extent as the load on the forefoot increases, with maximum adaptation occurring at the end of the stance phase. The Taleo Side Flex adapts to lateral slopes and uneven ground to a high degree right after heel strike. This has a positive impact on the user’s comfort and safety.


  • Is the Taleo Side Flex prosthetic foot right for me?

    Like all prosthetic feet in the Taleo product range, the Taleo Side Flex was designed for active users who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on secure, effortless walking and socket comfort. The Taleo Side Flex prosthetic foot is particularly suitable if you want a high degree of socket comfort on uneven surfaces and lateral inclines. It has a weight limit of 287 pounds. Due to its low build height, the Taleo Side Flex is also suitable if you have only a low build height available for the installation of the prosthetic foot, for example, due to a long residual limb. The prosthetic foot can be used with both transtibial and transfemoral amputations.

  • Is the Taleo Side Flex waterproof?

    Yes, the Taleo Side Flex is waterproof and can be worn in salt, fresh or chlorinated water. A special feature of the prosthetic foot is that openings in the footshell allow water to drain from the prosthesis. In order to maintain the functionality of the foot, it is essential to clean it as instructed after using it in water.

  • Is the Taleo Side Flex suitable for sports?

    The Taleo Side Flex prosthetic foot is primarily intended to provide support in a wide range of everyday activities. However, occasionally participating in light sports activities such as badminton or Frisbee is definitely possible.

  • Is the Taleo Side Flex available in my size?

    The prosthetic foot is available in a range of sizes from 22 to 30 cm. Your prosthetist selects the appropriate size for you based on your foot size and body weight.

  • Can the Taleo Side Flex be integrated into my prosthesis?

    The Taleo Side Flex prosthetic foot can be integrated into either a new or an existing modular prosthesis, provided it has sufficient build height. Your prosthetist will advise you on this.

  • Do I need to wear special shoes with the Taleo Side Flex?

    No, the Taleo Side Flex is delivered with a footshell that is based on the shape of the human foot and is therefore compatible with most common types of shoes. Plus, a slim and a regular footshell are available in most foot sizes to match your natural foot as closely as possible. The abducted big toe on the footshell even makes it possible to wear thong sandals and walk barefoot for brief periods indoors.

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