Knee joint 3R60 EBS

3R60 EBS knee joint

Are you looking for a knee joint with a low net weight, which supports you at various walking speeds and allows you to approximate a natural gait pattern? Then we have a convincing alternative for you with the EBS technology integrated into the 3R60 and 3R60 Pro knee joints.
"EBS" stands for ergonomically balanced stride and permits limited stance phase flexion based on the physiological model. The integrated hydraulic unit, which controls the behaviour of the knee joint in the swing phase, was designed on the basis of gait analysis studies so that it supports you in a wide range of walking speeds. Furthermore, the knee joint makes sitting down straightforward and offers greater ground clearance when swinging the leg through, which improves safety in addition to enhancing comfort. The 3R60 EBS & EBS Pro knee joints are suitable for prosthesis wearers with a moderate activity level and especially for smaller and lighter users.