Benefits at a glance

Mattias goes hiking in the woods with two friends.

Cover longer distances faster

Empower provides the exact amount of propulsion needed for every step you take. You'll conserve more energy and feel less fatigued, making it easier to cover longer distances at a quicker walking speed.

Mattias walking down a rocky hill.

More comfort on slopes

When walking downhill, the Empower actively lowers and adapts to the slope of the ground. With greater range of motion, you'll feel more stable and comfortable walking on a downward slope.

Rob climbing stairs with his Empower.

Navigate life with power

With powered propulsion, navigating ramps, slopes and stairs is easier. Empower restores the propulsion needed for forward and upward motion, allowing you to power up and through with ease.

Mattias sitting in a café working on his laptop.

Sit naturally and comfortably

The Empower is lowered to the floor when sitting. This allows for a more comfortable, natural position and relief for your leg.

Rob walking around town with his Empower.

Reduced joint strain

With powered propulsion and greater range of motion, Empower improves your gait pattern and reduces the strain on joints. In a recent clinical study, users reported a reduction in knee and lower back pain.

Detail of the Empower setup app.

Safety for varied terrain

Empower's microprocessor technology adjusts resistance and adapts to varied terrain in real time, giving you more security and confidence to enjoy your life.


How the Empower works

Empower mimics your lost muscle functionality when you walk, resulting in a more physiological gait pattern. Equipped with powered propulsion, a feature unique to Empower, every step is given high-energy support and your entire body is propelled forward. At the same time, intelligent sensor technology regulates the intensity of the forward thrust and the foot position you need to walk safely and comfortably.

Clinical Evidence

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Empower Clinical Studies


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Empower Instructions for Use

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Empower Patient Brochure


  • Is the Empower right for me?

    The Empower is for people with above or below the knee amputations who are low to moderately active and want to maintain an active lifestyle. It is suited to a body weight up to 287 lbs (130kg) and available for foot sizes 25-30.

  • How long does the Empower battery last?

    The battery lasts up to 8 hours, depending on intensity of use. It may be necessary that you will need to replace the battery during the course of the day. The batteries are equipped with indicator lights reflecting their state of charge with a touch of a button. Two batteries can be charged simultaneously in a dual bay charger in as little as 90 minutes.

  • Can I swim or take a shower with the Empower?

    No, the Empower is not completely waterproof. With an IP24 rating, Empower is splash proof, making it resistant to elements such as rain and dirt, so you don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain.

  • Can I trial the Empower?

    Yes, request a trial and we'll help you determine if Empower may be a good fit. Request a trial today.

  • Is the Empower covered by insurance?

    It depends on your coverage and your personal situation. In all cases, you and your healthcare team will need to provide adequate medical justification to demonstrate the need for the Empower microprocessor foot.

    The financial aspect of healthcare can be confusing and complex. Please view our short video series on this topic for more information and practical tips.

Empower Trial Prep

Prepare for your Trial

Trying out a new prosthetic device can be an exciting occasion for individuals living with limb loss. But it can also be a little intimidating if you're not quite sure what to expect. We've developed these trial preparation resources to help you better understand what to expect on the day of your trial so you'll be ready to experience all the amazing features the Empower foot has to offer.

Download our Trial Prep Checklist

Empower Trial Prep Video

Choosing the right prosthetic foot is a significant healthcare decision. Your trial is one of the most important steps in the process.

To help you prepare for a successful trial day, please take a few minutes with Brian Frasure, Empower user and Ottobock Clinical Expert. This video will help you better understand what to expect during the trial and what you can do to ensure a great experience.

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