Kenevo prosthetic knee

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Advantages for you

Kenevo carrying coffee

Walk securely and with confidence

The Kenevo was specifically designed so you can walk safely, especially on uneven terrain, down stairs and ramps, and backward. Stumble Recovery Plus is just one of the Kenevo’s safety features, which gives you the time to recover if you were to stumble. The Kenevo makes users feel safe again, allowing them to become more mobile and independent.

Alan sitting with his Kenevo knee

Sit and stand up with ease

Do you sometimes need to pause a moment as you are sitting down or standing up? If yes, don’t worry! The Kenevo automatically detects when you start to sit down or stand up, and will support both movements so you do not fall into or back in the chair. Since no manual adjustments of the knee are necessary, this leaves your hands free so you can use an armrest or assistive device, if needed.

Alan walking with Kenevo and crutches

Works well with assistive devices

The Kenevo is fine-tuned to support those who may need a walker, cane, or other assistive devices, so it will support you every step of the way no matter how you get there! If you sometimes use a wheelchair, the Kenevo won’t get in your way. The Kenevo’s wheelchair function enables you to keep adequate clearance between the prosthesis and the ground so you can maneuver easily.

Kenevo cooking

Exercise easily and safely

Exercise without compromising safety or comfort with the Kenevo’s intuitive stationary indoor bicycle function. As soon as you sit down and start pedaling, the Kenevo automatically switches functions to support your movement. Once you are finished, simply get off the stationary indoor bike and the Kenevo will automatically go back to “normal” mode so you can walk safely.

Kenevo Walker

Simplify your life

The Kenevo can now be put on while seated, making the donning process safer and easier. Simply take off the charger, bend the knee, put it on, and go! Charging is also more convenient than ever now. Not only can the Kenevo be charged with the foam cover on, but the inductive charger has been redesigned making it easier to grasp for those who need it.

Kenevo spouse

Make adjustments seamlessly

Like all of Ottobock’s microprocessor knees, the Kenevo now has the Cockpit App, which allows users to activate or deactivate select features with their phone: intuitive stationary indoor bicycle mode.

How the Kenevo works

How the Kenevo works

The new Kenevo microprocessor knee is based on Ottobock’s ground-breaking C-Leg microprocessor technology. However, unlike the C-Leg, the Kenevo is fine-tuned and specifically designed for the needs of users with mobility limitations: those who tend to take shorter, shuffling steps and who may need or occasionally use walking aids or a wheelchair. As a result, the Kenevo helps keep you safe and feeling secure as you go about your daily activities or challenge yourself through the rehab process.

As the Kenevo helps you regain your confidence and independence, you can worry less about having to rely on family and other caregivers, and they will worry less about you.

Technical info

Strong, durable, and lightweight carbon fiber frame

Patient weight: maximum 275lbs*

Weight of the knee joint only: about 915g or 2lbs

Height of the knee joint with tube adapter: 10.6in/270mm to 19.3in/490mm

Operating time with fully charged battery: Approximately 24 hours - We recommend charging every night

Maximum possible knee flexion angle without flexion stop: 124°

* All components of your prosthesis must be appropriately rated to reach this weight limit. See your prosthetist for specifics.


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  • How do I know if Kenevo is right for me?

    Kenevo is specially designed for above-knee amputees who are able to or have the potential to navigate low-level obstacles such as curbs, stairs, and uneven surfaces. Kenevo is appropriate for persons who are receiving their first prosthetic leg; who currently have a mechanical knee and want more confidence and security; or who have a more advanced microprocessor-controlled knee and are not using its advanced capabilities. Ask your prosthetist if Kenevo is right for you.

  • Can I try out a Kenevo?

    Talk with your prosthetist about a trial of Kenevo. Your prosthetist can work with Ottobock to set-up a time for you try a Kenevo and make sure it's the right fit for your needs.

  • How do I get the cost of a Kenevo covered?

    Check out the Financial Coverage section of our website for suggestions regarding working through the insurance and reimbursement process.

  • Which foot should I use with my Kenevo?

    Kenevo is compatible with many different foot options. Preview some Ottobock feet here, and talk to your prosthetist about the option that is best for you.

  • Are all microprocessor-controlled knees the same?

    No! Kenevo is the first and only microprocessor-controlled knee (MPK) designed specifically for the needs of moderately active persons. It is the first MPK to provide both the stability and flexibility required to support individuals as they become more active or require more assistance.

  • How can I connect with other people who have microprocessor knees?

    Ottobock has an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See all the ways to connect with us.

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