Prosthetic Foot Solutions

Mechanical Feet

Terion K2 – confidence in every step

With the Terion K2, Ottobock has developed a prosthetic foot for people who would like to maintain their mobility in everyday life. It establishes itself as a functional and reliable companion for the user, helping to surmount the major and minor challenges of everyday life.


Trias 1C30

Based on the natural model, the 1C30 Trias prosthetic foot features a strikingly attractive appearance in addition to very comfortable mobility.


Taleo prosthetic feet

The Taleo prosthetic feet were developed for active users who move about in a variety of indoor and outdoor areas and value effortless walking.


Triton prosthetic feet

The prosthetic feet of the Triton product line allow active users to achieve maximum mobility for a self-determined life.


Microprocessor Feet


The 1A1-2 Empower is suitable for active users in mobility grades 3–4 with a body weight of up to 130 kg.



The customized prosthetic foot Meridium adjusts itself in real time to various situations and user needs thanks to its sensor technology. This enables it to adapt in an especially realistic way to the range of motion of the human foot.


Sports Feet

1E93 Runner junior

Children can be fitted with a sport prosthesis as well. In addition to participation in physical education, a sport prosthesis supports age-appropriate development and allows children to experience the joy of movement in their social environment.


1E95 Challenger foot

The Challenger is a multi-purpose foot developed for the varying demands from everyday walking to recreational sports.


Cosmetic Solutions

Silicone partial foot prosthesis

In addition to creating a natural appearance, silicone forefoot prostheses permit affected individuals to live their everyday lives without major restrictions – barefoot or with standard shoes.