Prosthetic Socket Solutions

Liners & Sleeves

The Skeo Sealing provides a secure hold with a high level of comfort – and it’s reliable and easy to use. The durable sealing ring provides a reliable seal for the vacuum system, so you can live your life with confidence

Skeo Sealing Liner

Are you looking for independence without investing a lot of time in your prosthesis? The Skeo Sealing leaves you free to focus on the important things in life.


The 6Y512 Uneo Fresh is exemplary of the Uneo liner range.

Liners in the Uneo range

Uneo liners envelop even sensitive, bony or scarred residual limbs thanks to their soft, yielding material. This product range includes a large selection of liners with different characteristics.


Vacuum Solutions

Harmony below knee vacuum prosthesis

Below-knee prosthesis with: Harmony

Harmony uses vacuum to provide amputees better comfort and connection.


Transtibial prosthesis with transparent socket and 1C60 Triton prosthetic foot. The dynamic vacuum system is visible at the distal end of the socket (away from the body).

DVS - Dynamic Vacuum

DVS represents a new generation of active vacuum. It keeps your prosthesis securely in place, yet it is small and easy to handle. The vacuum also dynamically adapts to your walking speed.


Structural Components

Front view of the Quickchange adapter for changing prosthetic feet.


Want to have more than one prosthetic foot so you can respond even more flexibly to situations in your everyday life and leisure time? Thanks to the Quickchange, you can change feet spontaneously.


Custom Silicone