3R67™ Knee joint for children

Young users love the hydraulic knee joint for children

Easy movements, a large flexion angle and a high level of stability support children’s everyday lives

Is your child eager to discover new things with a sense of physical freedom? This goal can be a achieved with easy movements, a large flexion angle, and a high level of stability. Your child will enjoy adventures with the ability to change walking and running speeds – whether taking a casual walk down the street or making a quick dash to the ice cream shop on the corner.

To make all of this a reality, we have developed a knee for children that features powerful swing phase control. The joint’s sophisticated hydraulics support easy movements, making it especially suitable for children and young users.

  • Flexible adjustment to various walking and running speeds
  • The high flexion angle of 150° enables great freedom of movement
  • Hydraulics offer easy movements
  • Increased stability in the stance phase for safe standing
  • Suitable for young users with a body weight of up to 99 lbs

Hydraulic swing phase control

The hydraulic swing phase control supports the child during varying walking and running speeds.

Robust and durable construction

The robust construction is especially suitable for the demands of a child’s everyday life.

Tube clamp adapter

The length of the tube clamp adapter, which is included in the scope of delivery, can be adjusted according to the child’s height.

Polycentric axis geometry

The 4-axle joint geometry offers enhanced safety and makes it easy to control the swing phase.

Benefits at a glance

Increased knee stability

The 3R67 knee joint for children performs particularly well on the playground, thanks to an increased level of knee stability. Young ones benefit from this stability when balancing on obstacles and playground equipment, for example.

Various walking speeds

Many children can hardly imagine a life without sporting activities. Whether playing with their peers or walking the dog – being able to live out their joy of movement has a positive effect on a child’s development.

Large flexion angle

It’s clear that the exceptionally large flexion angle of the knee joint for children offers a variety of benefits, as can be seen in many everyday situations. From kneeling quickly for the team photo to stroking a pet or gathering up objects.