Above-knee and below-knee running solutions

Prosthetic options for getting out, staying active, and winning medals

What you need to know

Advantages for you

John with Running prosthesis taking a run on the beach.

High impact durability

The robust 3S80 Fitness Prosthetic Leg is designed to withstand the wear and tear of any workout level, no matter if you’re an athlete in training or a weekend jogger.

John with Running prosthesis training on a tartan track.

Ready for any terrain

Your options are many, whether you’re on a track or uneven outdoor terrain. Choose the Sprinter Foot level of stiffness and the Fitness Sole tread that match your personal running style.

John with Running prosthesis running through the park.

Security with power

Fast changes in speed are no problem for this leg; it won’t slow you down and still provides a secure foot strike for powerful strides.

Technical info

3S80 Fitness Knee Specifications

Max. body weight - 220 lbs

Weight of prosthesis - 682 g

Max. flexion angle - 135°


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Fitness Knee Information brochure

Fitness Knee Information brochure


Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

  • How can I try out an Ottobock Fitness Prosthetic Leg?

    Talk with your prosthetist. If you want to try out an Ottobock Fitness Prosthesis to see how it feels, it’s easy to request a free, no-obligation Try Out. Just ask your prosthetist. If you don’t have a prosthetist you see regularly, contact us to help find a qualified prosthetist in your area.

  • Can patients buy directly from Ottobock?

    Except for certain products available at , patients cannot purchase products directly from Ottobock. Ottobock products are generally prescribed by physicians or clinicians, who provide the product to the patient.

    If you’d like to be fit with an Ottobock product, please talk to your physician or clinician (orthotist, prosthetist, therapist, or Rehab Technology Specialist).

    If you have further questions, please call 800 328 4058 and ask for our Consumer Support Specialist.

  • How do I get the cost of a Fitness Prosthesis covered?

    There are many ways to cover the cost of a Fitness Prosthesis. You’ll find insurers are interested in increasing fitness and general health, thereby reducing overall health costs. Financial Coverage

  • How can I connect with other people who are amputee runners?

    Ottobock has an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See all the ways to connect with us.

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