Hip prosthesis with: Helix 3D

Helix 3D: Closer to natural movement

A new dimension in walking

The Helix 3D prosthetic hip uses groundbreaking technology to give you a more natural walk. With its three-dimensional pelvic rotation, the Helix mimics the natural movement of the human body, unlike other prosthetic “hinged” hips.

The unique Helix design also helps you start your step more smoothly, improves toe clearance and makes it easier to extend your leg during walking.

The results are dramatic. You’ll spend much less energy thinking about your next step, and experience less pain in your back and joints.

You’ll start to walk more naturally and confidently, thanks to the Helix and the added stability provided by the C-Leg® or Genium microprocessor knees.

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Unmatched stability and support

The Helix3D Hip prosthesis is always combined with the C-Leg® or Genium® microprocessor prosthetic knees to ensure that you have the industry’s most reliable prosthetic system. Learn more in or .

Technology that reproduces nature

Whether you’re standing or starting a step, the Helix rotates more naturally to your pelvis to compensate for the natural pelvic rotation that occurs. Inward and outward hip rotation is directly connected to flexion and extension of the hip; this prevents high stress on your prosthesis and socket and helps reduce stress on your residual limb.

Solid foundation

The foot is the final piece for the Helix system. Any of the from Ottobock is a good match for a C-Leg or Genium. You get stability and control as well as outstanding dynamics, ready for everyday life and activities.

Comfortable connection

To ensure a secure, comfortable fit, your socket will be created to uniquely fit your limb. The fit of the socket is so important that people can have trouble walking with the prosthesis – all because of a socket fit problem! To prevent that, you should work with your prosthetist to make sure your socket fits perfectly. Ottobock uses a special flexible yet strong material to make hip sockets extra comfortable. Learn more about sockets at Prosthetics 101.

Smooth, natural strides

The tube adapter does more than hold up your prosthetic knee. Measured and cut to fit your height, the tube adapter contains a “moment sensor” that measures the movement of your ankle. From the moment your heel strikes the ground until your toe lifts off, this sensor lets the microprocessor know exactly where you are in your walking cycle and provides the appropriate support.

What you need to know

Advantages for you

  • More natural walking. Just like the human hip, the Helix produces a three-dimensional hip movement to compensate for pelvic rotation. The hydraulics provide a smooth transition as you flex your hip or extend your leg. The polycentric design also helps you to avoid compensatory movements that can be required when using less sophisticated hip joints. The result is a symmetrical, natural walking pattern for you.
  • More flexibility. The Helix will flex up to 130º, making everyday activities like putting on shoes or getting into a car easier.
  • Step easier. You’ll find it noticeably easier to begin your step with the Helix’s integrated springs. The energy stored in the springs is released as you swing your leg forward to complete your step, helping compensate for your missing hip muscles and reducing the amount of energy needed for walking.
  • Stability tailored to your needs. The Helix offers an individualized stride length setting to give you a smoother, more stable step to better match your sound side as well as reduce the risk of falling.
  • Every step is smooth and secure. Choose a Triton foot from Ottobock to complete your Genium system:
    • the lightweight Triton carbon fiber foot with exceptionally smooth control;
    • the Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design;
    • the Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions), or
    • the Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room, or
    • the Triton Harmony, with integrated vacuum technology

How the Helix works

To see the Helix in action -- watch the video at the top of this page: “Helix Hip users talk about the Helix difference." Greater stability and increased mobility are two of the advantages Chandler and Bob have experienced with the Helix hip system – and it shows as they explore nature and walk hills and stairs with little worry about falling.


Helix components

When you are fit with a Helix hip, you will also need one of Ottobock's microprocessor-controlled knee joints, the C-Leg or the Genium. One of the Triton feet will complete your Helix prosthesis system.

Microprocessor prosthetic knees

See the C-Leg and Genium pages for information about microprocessor prosthetic knees options.

Triton feet

Choose one of these Triton feet from Ottobock to complete your Helix system:

The lightweight Triton carbon fiber foot with exceptionally smooth control

The Triton Vertical Shock (VS) with great shock absorption in a compact design

The Triton Low Profile, with especially low structural height for those who need the extra room

The Triton Heavy Duty, robust and waterproof, for particularly challenging conditions)

The Triton Harmony with integrated vacuum technology

Technical info

Helix specifications

Distal connection - Pyramid adapter

Max. flexion angle - 130°

Weight of the joint - 990 g

Weight of connection technology - 275 g

System height - 146 mm

Material - Aluminium

Mobility Grade - 2 and 3

Max. body weight - 220 lbs/100 kg


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