"The problem with my old orthosis was I couldn't walk backward. For me, the biggest step forward was actually a step backward."

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C-Brace process

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Patient evaluation

A physician or PT referral is required before a patient can be fit with the C-Brace. Each C-Brace is custom fit and fabricated by a C-Brace certified Orthotist. There are hundreds of certified Orthotists in North America. Click here to find one near you.

A practitioner helps adjust a C-Brace on a patient's leg

Patient fitting

The physical therapist is an essential member of the C-Brace evaluation and fitting team, and is critical for patient success. C-Brace users must complete physical therapy to become fully functional with the orthosis.

C-Brace patient walking on a ramp

PT training

Physical therapy training includes improving balance, coordination, and muscle strength, as well as gait training and teaching the patient to walk and use the C-Brace safely on uneven terrain, inclines, declines, and stairs.

"The C-Brace has brought confidence back into my life, and I am able to take care of and control my life again."

C-Brace® wearer Hannah plays with her children on a swing set.

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