Prosthesis cover – Functional Cosmesis

Sita in a concert hall with her Functional Cosmesis.

Benefits at a glance

Sita outside the concert hall with her Functional Cosmesis.

Great for everyday life

If you prefer a natural over robotoic look for your C-Leg® 4 or Genium®, the Functional Cosmesis can help. Once it has been fitted by the technician, it gives your prosthesis a natural leg volume.

Sita kneeling outside the flower shop with her Functional Cosmesis.

Do what you want

Kneeling down, changing your shoes, climbing stairs – these are just a few activities where you can now focus on the essentials, because the Functional Cosmesis harmonises perfectly with the functions of your prosthesis.

A few drops fall onto Sita’s Functional Cosmesis.

Easy to clean

Like clothing, the Functional Stocking will need to be washed at regular intervals. It is removable and machine washable. What’s more, it can protect the prosthesis against splashed water and dirt. Plus, the included stocking comes in a choice of three colors.


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