Billy Brimblecom Jr.

Ask Aaron Live with Billy Brimblecom Jr.

In this episode of Ask Aaron, Aaron speaks with C-Leg user Billy Brimblecom Jr. Billy is the Executive Director of Steps of Faith Foundation, a non-profit that helps amputees get the prosthetics they need. Watch to learn more about Billy's music career and how he overcame the challenge of losing his leg.

Billy’s story starts in 2005 when he lost his left leg to Ewings Sarcoma. As a life-long musician and actor who was young and active, he knew his life would be forever changed but he didn’t know to what extent just yet.

His love for music started young and he first started playing the drums at age 11. Billy was the lead drummer for several bands and he never thought cancer was in his future. After experiencing the emotional and physical challenges that come with losing a limb, Billy has made it his mission to help other amputees move forward.

Billy is the Executive Director of the Steps of Faith Foundation, an organization that assists amputees with gaining access to needed prosthesis despite any financial hardship that might come with that. His love for music will forever remain strong, but his passion to serve others through Steps of Faith is stronger.

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Kansas City, MO
K3 Ambulator
Amputation Level:Unilateral above-the-knee
Occupation: Executive Director, Steps of Faith Foundation
Interests: Playing music, seeing live music, traveling 


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