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Live with David Tupper


On July 9th, Aaron spoke with former U.S. Marine and the face of our C-Brace campaign, David Tupper. During his fourth and final tour in Afghanistan, David was severely injured, resulting in full paralysis in both legs from the hip down. Today, David is able to walk again with the help of bilateral C-Braces.


Aaron Holm

Aaron Holm lost both of his legs in a horrific accident on January 2, 2007. But what shattered his body failed to dent his courage, strength and infectious optimism. He’s been helping others regain their positive energy and spirit ever since.

As Ottobock's Manager of Consumer Engagement, Aaron works towards the goal of improving product development processes and patient outcomes through strengthening of Ottobock's connection with the people who use its products.

Ask Aaron

Ask Aaron is an interactive social media video series hosted by Ottobock Manager of Consumer Engagement, Aaron Holm. Through informational videos and off-the-cuff livestreaming, Ask Aaron educates, motivates, and connects with the limb loss community in new ways. As we make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, Ask Aaron will continue to release a variety of videos and interviews that touch on mental and physical health, working with your prosthetist while social distancing, and more.

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