John Kriesel

Ask Aaron Live with John Kriesel

In this episode, Aaron speaks with author, motivational speaker, and bilateral amputee John Kriesel.

In 2006, while serving in Iraq, John was involved in a roadside bombing that nearly cost him his life. After dying three times, being transported to four different hospitals, undergoing 35 different surgeries, and a double amputation, John pulled through.

After being told he would probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of this life, John walked proudly out of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center after only nine months. Shortly after, he released his motivational and award-winning story called “STILL STANDING: The Story of SSG John Kriesel”.

Four years after his near-death experience, John worked as a civilian marketing employee with the Minnesota Army National Guard and was named Director of Veteran Services in 2012 for a county outside of Minneapolis. John didn’t stop there – he also is a part-time contributor to KFAN Sports Radio and former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

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Minneapolis, MN
K3/K4 Ambulator
Amputation Level:Bilateral; AK/BK Above the knee left side, below the knee right side
Occupation:Motivational Speaker, Veteran Services Director; Former State Representative


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