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Join the Resiliency Movement: Amputees Know Perseverance (Long Before Coronavirus Hit)

Individuals living with limb loss are among the most resilient people in the world. Many of you have overcome traumatic accidents or difficult health conditions that enabled you to view the world through a new lens. In honor of Limb Loss Awareness Month, we invite you to share your personal story of resilience. How have you persevered, adapted and overcome your limb loss or limb difference? What advice or life lessons can you share from your experience to encourage, enlighten and inspire people outside of the limb loss community who may feel anxious or isolated as they struggle to cope with the new reality we’re all living because of the coronavirus pandemic.

By telling your personal story of resilience, you give hope to other people who are facing all different kinds of challenges in life. Loss does not need to define a person or one’s future. Awareness of solutions and best practices to bounce back and hold your head up high, despite the adversity, is a better way forward.

Join the movement, along with our entire community of amputees and people with limb differences, to help the world put on and exercise its resilience during this unprecedented health crisis sweeping our land today. To bring attention to Limb Loss Awareness Month, Ottobock invites you to share your personal journey on your social media during the month of April using the hashtags #OttobockLove, #LimbLossAwarenessMonth, and #AmputeeStrong.


Here’s a suggested format to help you organize the details of your story, but you can tell your story in any way you want, either written or via video.

• What was your situation that created a challenge for you?

• What did you do to find a solution? What helped you?

• How did you deal with the isolation of staying at home for a long time? What helped you overcome the psychological aspect of being limited and stuck at home while you recovered?

• What did you learn about your own ability to be resilient (to bounce back from difficulty) that made you stronger as a person?

• Any advice to other people who are experiencing the difficulties of persevering in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty, shortages, work disruption and stay-at-home orders?