As an alternative to the AxonArm Ergo, the AxonArm Hybrid can be used in combination with the Axon-Bus prosthetic system. The elbow component is recommended in particular for use in hybrid prostheses, where the Michelangelo Hand is controlled by myosignals and the elbow joint is locked using a body harness.

A small, powerful, integrated battery supplies the required voltage. The electrode cables for the AxonMaster are connected in the elbow ball, so that all cables are concealed inside the prosthesis. The risk of defects caused by broken cables is reduced and the appearance enhanced. Electric signals are transmitted to the hand inside the elbow joint via flex cables.


  • Easy Plug (electronic through connection)
  • Automatic Forearm Balance (AFB)
  • Ratchetless lock
  • Humeral rotation joint (humeral rotation feature)
  • Adjustable friction
  • Elbow ball made of skin-colored synthetic material
  • Forearm can be shortened