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Ottobock introduces the new C-Brace®

New lower-limb orthosis enables patients to achieve a new level of mobility

AUSTIN, Texas (September 24, 2018) – Ottobock HealthCare, a leading global supplier of innovative solutions for people with limited mobility, today announced its latest orthotic solution, the new C-Brace®. Among many cutting-edge features, the C-Brace includes the world’s first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis (SSCO ®) system, which controls both the stance and swing phase with microprocessor sensor technology.

Building upon the feature set of the first-generation C-Brace, the new C-Brace also features a smaller, lighter design that can be worn under clothing and enables users to configure the joint settings within the Cockpit™ app or by reading the status directly on the LED display.

The new C-Brace also analyzes the entire gait cycle dynamically and in real-time – including flexion under load, navigating slopes, walking on uneven terrain or going down stairs step-over-step, defining an entirely new level of mobility. The stumble recovery feature is engaged if the sensors read a moment of instability, giving the user the necessary time to recover.

Patients with lower extremity neurological or orthopedic indications, including incomplete paraplegia and post-polio syndrome, are all candidates for the new C-Brace.

“Ottobock continues to be deeply committed to helping patients be more independent and mobile in everyday life,” says Lauren Skinnell, Market Manager of Orthotics at Ottobock. “With the new C-Brace, patients now have a lightweight and low-profile option that can respond quickly to any situation and make adjustments in real-time to give them more dynamic motion sequences – ultimately, enhancing their quality of life through a new level of mobility and greater sense of safety.”

Ottobock offers a complete line of orthotic solutions. For more information about the C-Brace, or any of our orthotic products, visit or our Facebook or Twitter pages.