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Ottobock Expands Taleo Foot Family with Launch of Taleo Vertical Shock and Taleo Harmony

AUSTIN, Texas (September 22, 2020) – We’re excited to introduce two new additions to the Taleo foot family, Taleo Vertical Shock (VS) and Taleo Harmony.

For active individuals who want relief for their residual limb, Taleo VS provides more options for patients. The unique functional ring unit effectively absorbs torsion (+/- 10°) to relieve the residual limb and enhance comfort in combination with vertical shock absorption (up to 15 mm). With the Taleo VS, you’ll experience a more natural rotation with your pelvis and foot for smoother walking.

Taleo Harmony extends foot options for individuals who want relief for their residual limb in addition to a firm hold and control over their prosthesis throughout the day. The integrated vacuum pump improves balance and reduces risk of falls1, provides better control over the prosthesis by reducing pistoning2, prevents skin irritation and delays in wound healing3, and reduces fluctuations in limb volume4. The Taleo Harmony compensates for changes in residual limb sizing through the day to give you a firmer hold and control.

Ottobock is committed to helping people find the right solution to maintain or regain their freedom of movement. When it comes to choosing the right prosthetic foot, it’s more than a foot, it’s a foundation.

Current users are also excited by the new extended line. Daniela reports that with Taleo VS, she can “say goodbye… to knee pain.” For Flori, Taleo Harmony allows him to take “those small steps with turns” and turn them into steps that are “so soft and smooth.”

Learn more about Ottobock’s Taleo Family of Feet, and understand why with every fitting your goal is the same as ours: to find the best possible solution for you.

For more information about our two new additions, visit our Taleo Foot Portfolio.

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