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Ottobock Stewardship Committee supports 20 nonprofit organizations in 2020

AUSTIN, Texas (February 4, 2020) – Despite the challenges of last year, Ottobock’s Stewardship Committee delivered on our commitment to supporting nonprofit organizations who share in our mission’s goal through charitable donations.

"The Stewardship program provides support to help fuel nonprofit organizations and the passionate people who manage them," said Aaron Holm, Manager, Consumer Engagement at Ottobock. "These organizations and the people who manage them become partners of Ottobock – working together toward a common goal, paying it forward within the community we serve."

Ottobock’s mission is to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. In 2020, we contributed donations to the following nonprofit organizations across the United States and Canada:

  • Amputee Coalition: Empowering people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education, support, and advocacy, and promote limb loss prevention.
  • Andy Roddick Foundation: Expanding opportunities for young people to learn, thrive, and succeed.
  • Angel City Sports: Sports programming for kids, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities or visual impairments.
  • Arizona Disabled Sports: Creating opportunities that empower through sports and recreation.
  • Austin Speech Labs: Improving lives post-stroke.
  • Challenge Alaska: Improving lives of people with disabilities through adaptive sports, therapeutic recreation, and education.
  • Collège Mérici (Quebec): Bursaries to Prosthetic and Orthotic program students.
  • Collège Montmorency (Quebec): Bursaries to Prosthetic and Orthotic program students.
  • Husome Strong: Helping the amputee community through peer support, advocacy, and financial assistance.
  • ISPO / OAPO / AGM Canada: These organizations aim to improve the quality of life for people who may benefit from the rehabilitation practice of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility, and assistive technology.
  • Jordan Thomas Foundation: Provides children with limb loss the prostheses they need throughout their growing years while serving as a caring resource.
  • Learning Links: Creates a place where anyone can learn and enjoy the sport of golf, regardless of ability, skill, or age.
  • MSOPP: Excel the professional and ethical standards of O&P and pedorthic practitioners.
  • NAAOP Fellowship: O&P policy, advocacy, and betterment of community.
  • Paratough Cup: Ensure Canadians with a disability can have access to sport, from their communities all the way to the world stage.
  • Range of Motion Project: Provides high quality prosthetic care in underserved populations to enhance mobility and unlock human potential.
  • SFM Foundation: Scholarships to children of workers disabled or killed in work-related accidents.
  • Steps of Faith: Turning prosthetics into possibilities for uninsured amputees.
  • Wiggle Your Toes: Helping the limb loss and difference community heal, recover, and flourish.

Ottobock contributed to help fund post-secondary scholarships to organizations like SFM Foundation, which awards young people from families affected by workplace tragedies to pursue higher education. "We have been able to award 187 scholarships to deserving students," said Linda Williams, President of SFM Foundation. "Thank you for generously supporting educational futures for young adults."

To request a donation for a nonprofit organization in 2021, please contact your local Ottobock sales representative for more details.

For any questions, contact We appreciate your involvement in helping us support our local communities and partners in 2021.

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