Get to know the difference

Every person is different, and so are the requirements they place on their prosthesis. We look to our users’ individual needs and requirements as the basis for producing optimum prosthetic fittings.

This is how we develop the world’s leading knee joints, integrating innovative and, in some cases, unique functions, which support your personal lifestyle.

What separates Ottobock microprocessor knees from all the rest? Browse the topics below to learn about the unique advantages and features of Ottobock MPKs and how they help people regain their mobility.

IP rating

Weatherproof? Waterproof? The IP rating tells you which outdoor and water activities you can enjoy with your prosthesis.


Intuitive Stance

Do you avoid standing on your prosthesis for extended periods because it’s challenging or causes pain? If so, now may be the time to test a knee joint with Intuitive Stance, which relieves strain on your body.


Stumble Recovery

Thanks to our innovative, unique Stumble Recovery, you can reduce your risk of falling by up to 64%. Focus on your loved ones and your surroundings again, rather than on your next step.


Have you had a bilateral transfemoral amputation?

If so, our electronically controlled knee joints could soon enhance your everyday life. Learn about our joints’ unique functions, which also benefit users with a bilateral amputation.