Custom silicone arm cover

Your benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

Grasping and holding

Arm prostheses assume important everyday functions. They expand the passive gripping options of the affected arm. They also serve as a counter-support for grasping and holding objects.

Conspicuously inconspicuous

In addition to functionality, custom silicone covers offer a discreet appearance. Your prosthesis is harmoniously integrated thanks to the natural shape and color, making it unnoticeable to others at first glance.

Individually made to order

Every cover is unique, custom-made according to your requirements.

Care made easy

You can prevent permanent stains on your prosthesis by cleaning the exterior every day. Water and ph-neutral soap are sufficient.

Care instructions

Silicone prostheses are easy to care for and very straightforward to clean.

After use, they should be cleaned daily with water and pH-neutral soap on the outside. Permanent stains do not stand a chance if the care instructions are followed.