Silicone finger and partial hand prosthetics


A product as unique as you are

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Advantages for you

Custom silicon system.

Tailored to you

This low profile option provides you with a life-like hand prosthesis, giving you the option to add freckles, hair, and any other unique features that will make you feel more comfortable and confident. The perfect mix of creativity and art, our products are handcrafted by highly trained technicians to provide you with the most natural prosthesis possible.

Custon silicon system hand.

Provides a smooth finish

For partial prostheses, the Custom silicone prosthesis tapers into your existing limb to create a realistic, natural looking prosthesis. Don’t worry about unnatural lines or raised skin—the silicone blends for a natural look.

Custom silicon system functions.

Perfect positioning

Wires within the fingers of your prosthesis will allow you to hold objects by positioning your fingers.

Paiting nails with a Silicon prosthetic hand.

Stay polished

Nail polish can be applied to the acrylic nails. Use non-acetone polish remover to start fresh!


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Custom Silicone system brochure

Review more of the details about the ordering and fabrication process for these unique products.


Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

  • How do I order a Custom silicone prosthesis?

    You can contact your prosthetist for more information, or contact us directly

  • Is there a trial device to ensure fit?

    Yes, to ensure the desired outcome is achieved, a trial device is fabricated and worn by you for a period of two weeks on a daily basis. Any necessary changes will be made during this phase to ensure that the needs and expectations of you and your prosthetist are met. The final product is then crafted.

  • Are there special cleaning instructions?

    For daily cleaning, the prosthesis can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For getting rid of insistent dirt you can occasionally boil the silicone prosthesis in water with a drop of mild soap for 10-15 minutes. For further details, please refer to page 18 in the Care and Cleaning Instructions brochure found in the Downloads tab.

  • Will the prosthesis match skin color exactly?

    Every attempt is made to match your skin color as closely as possible. However, it is very helpful to understand that human skin is ever changing. It is greatly influenced by environmental effects such as sunlight. Skin tone naturally changes when you’re nervous or excited. The silicone material used is not living; therefore, it will not change with natural skin color fluctuations.

  • How long will the hand/finger prosthesis last?

    Ottobock silicone has a very specific structure that makes our silicone very durable.

    The lifetime of the prosthesis will vary greatly depending on your activity level. The pigment color is intrinsic, so you don’t have to worry about color fading or wearing off. They are all under warranty for one year under normal usage against manufacturer defects.

  • How do I pay for a Custom silicone prosthesis?

    To learn more about costs and coverage, please view to our Financial Coverage page.

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