Know the difference – with a microprocessor-controlled knee joint that fits your personal needs

We believe in the uniqueness and individuality of every user. No one is the same, and everybody has individual requirements. So if you work in an office, for example, why would you use the same prosthesis as a firefighter?

Our Know the Difference series is about providing information that helps you differentiate between products that are available. So then you can choose the right product for your lifestyle.


Feeling stable and secure is very important to you. Having a prosthesis that can also support you while sitting down and standing up would make life easier. The Kenevo provides enhanced safety and unique features to help you reclaim your sense of security.


C-Leg 4

You want to be able tao tackle life again and know that your prosthesis will be there at every step. The revolutionary technology of C-Leg 4 can help you reclaim your determination.



What you want most is to think about your prosthesis as little as possible. To move naturally and intuitively and to focus on the important things in life again. Reclaim your strength. Genium.



You want to take it that crucial step further and make the unthinkable possible again: walking, running, swimming with as few restrictions as possible. Reclaim all you want to be. X3.